Sex Toys

Feeling like your sex life is non-existent, dull or boring?

Feeling like your sex life is boring? Don’t panic - sex toys could solve this problem, if you are comfortable with trying something new of course! Sex toys have now become not such a ‘hush hush’ concept to talk about whether it is with your partner or a hot topic at a girl’s night; they are widely used even if you are not single and alone. Sex toys can spice up relationships; besides, a regular sex life is good for your health. A health sex life can satisfy all sorts of emotional and physical intimacy needs and help partners stay intimate and connected.

Women today have less time for sex than woman in the '50s. Today, millions of women worldwide have what experts call a sexless marriage (having sex less than 10 times yearly). Some believe that in today's society there is little to be spending hours between the sheets and not getting enough shut eye.

Sex toys these days have become more of a talkative subject among couples. Sex toys can spice up your relationship if it feels dull and boring. Today couples are now spending much more time in the bedroom and between the sheets than ever before, but some people find the concept of using sex toys as threatening because men see a vibrator as a replacement, and women may feel insecure about focusing on their own pleasure and not her partner.

However, couples should not see this as the case, as couples' sex toys can build or rebuild intimacy levels, speeding up a woman's arousal (assuming that she likes vibrations — of course not all women do), and help decrease the "orgasm gap" if the man tends to come more quickly than the woman.

These are some toys you can play with

Make sure you and your partner are open-minded when it comes to sex toys. Just make sure you both are 100% comfortable with the chosen toy. It would be a good idea to research online together first before purchasing a sex toy, just in case one is not keen to try something that you are. By researching what the toy’s function is may leave room for some convincing.

Vibrators: These come in all shapes, sizes and even colours, and differ in terms of noise and power. If you are fairly new to sex toys in your relationship, advice is to start on the lowest setting - vibration can take a while to get used to, the way in which you can test what you can and cannot handle is to test the vibration on the tip of your nose. Each person will react differently and so it is good experiment or else it could be awful.

Dildos: These sex toys are non-vibrating and generally shaped as a penis and some can be worn in a harness for penetrating your lover. Dildo sex toys can also include a suction device so you can use them in the bath or shower. This is something you have to try if feeling spontaneous.

Pleasure Rings: Also known as cock rings, these sex toys differ from a rubber or silicone ring that helps trap blood in the penis, which increases the strength and duration of a man's erection. Cock rings stimulate both lovers during sex. Cock rings also vibrate, which adds oodles of pleasure.

Masturbation Sheaths: These sex toys are designed to increase manual pleasure for men. Most of them are open-ended which makes them simple to use with a lover as you can team them with oral for orgasmic, sensual fun.

These different sex toys can be used individually or as a couple. The use of sex toys should be discussed with each other before hand, as one may not feel completely comfortable with the use of sex toys. New sex toys are being invented every day. You can search online or in store in order to help you investigate what each sex toy’s function is and what it will offer for you and your partner. This could bring about some heightened intimacy levels, which is a good thing if going through a dry spell.  Whichever sex toy you or your partner decide to choose, make sure you are open-minded with the concept and the pleasure it may bring to you and your partner.

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