If when you think of foreplay all that comes to mind is oral sex, it might be time to expand your horizons. Not only are these ideas a great way to help your partner relax and get in the mood, you might find that the build-up is even hotter than the main event.

When it comes to foreplay and foreplay positions, the only limit is your imagination and what you both enjoy. Don’t know where to start? Here are eight tips to try now to turn your partner on.

1. It’s all in the head

When your partner has had a long day at work, offer them some stress relief in the form of a head massage. The scalp is home to sexual stimulation spots, and a good head massage releases the ‘love drug’ oxytocin – a hormone that’s both calming and arousing.

Let your hands gently caress their scalp with slow circular movements and once you’ve finished, work your way down towards their shoulders, lightly kissing and caressing their neck and upper back.

2. The thigh rub

Of all the things to turn your partner on, there’s something incredibly sexy about being touched by your partner when you’re out in public. Particularly when you know that you’ll have to wait until later before you can enjoy each other fully. After all, we all want what we can’t have, right?

During a dinner date or trip to the movies, stroke your partner’s thigh with slow, firm movements or run your fingernails lightly up towards most intimate areas. Feel the anticipation grow and leave them longing for the bill to arrive or film to end so that you can get to it as quickly as you can.

3. For your eyes only

If there’s one foreplay tip that’s seriously underrated, it’s eye contact. During sex, maintaining eye contact can be very erotic and the same goes for during foreplay.

Next time you kiss your partner, try keeping your eyes open as you move your hands down and begin to touch them, continuing to hold their gaze. You can also try this if things progress to giving or receiving oral sex, to intensify the experience.

4. The strip tease

A strip tease for your partner isn’t as cheesy as it sounds, so start by pushing that Magic Mike image out of your mind right now.

Choose a time and a place when you are feeling your sexiest and set the scene with some candles and a playlist. Pick an outfit that makes you feel your best, maybe some lingerie or a half-unbuttoned shirt and hat – whatever does it for you! Still having doubts? Remember, it doesn’t need to be a full-blown choreographed dance routine. If you usually hang out together in your pyjamas, then simply undressing whilst making eye contact, with a few casual hip sways thrown in, will be enough to do the trick.

Don’t worry if your partner laughs; being silly and laughing together is a great ice breaker and can help you both feel even more relaxed around each other.

5. Touch yourself

Getting yourself off in front of your partner might feel a bit daunting at first but it doesn’t have to be. The next time the two of you are together and things are getting heated, start to touch yourself whilst kissing your partner and try a little nipple stimulation foreplay or show your partner how you love to touch yourself. This should be enough to get things moving in the right direction.

Try using some Intense Orgasmic Gel to increase your pleasure. To really heat things up, place their hands on top of yours so they can feel what you’re doing, but let them know that you’re the one in control!

6. Lobe licks

The ears contain hundreds of nerve endings and are considered an erogenous zone, so whilst this one might seem a little weird to some, it’s going to feel wonderful for some other people.

Start by kissing your partner on the lips and then move towards their ear, giving them little kisses as you go. As your mouth brushes over their ear, blow lightly on their lobes before gently nibbling, sucking or licking them. Make your way to the opposite ear and repeat.

Some people love it; others are less keen - but there’s only one way to find out!

7. Dirty talk

If you happen to be in the area, you might want to take the opportunity to whisper some naughty nothings into their ear. Yes, talk dirty to your partner to turn them on.

Don’t feel pressured to say something shocking. Start by telling them something that comes naturally to you, like how you want them or how horny they make you feel. Including suggestive talk can really heighten sexual tension before you even get to foreplay, as well as increase the passion during sex later.

8. Time to play

Want to be told what to do?

Adding a naughty game and a touch of kinky foreplay into the mix can take you out of your normal routine and help to release inhibitions. Pick a night when you both feel like staying in and get comfy, there’s nothing better than cosying up when it’s raining outside. From strip tease sets to card games your grandma definitely wouldn’t approve of, there’s loads of adult games out there.

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