If you've been in a relationship or married for a while, it's natural to lose your sexual desire. It could be for a variety of reasons, such as you and your mate getting into a routine of meeting up or doing daily duties such as who takes out the garbage and who gets up the kids from school.

Fortunately, it is just as simple to rekindle the flame and push your sex life to exciting new heights. Prepare to go on a sensuous adventure like never before! 

Go public

It's adventurous and fun at the same time. "Don't get arrested, but having sex in public is a fantasy for many people," sex educator and researcher Wendasha Jenkins Hall, PhD, says. " People enjoy it because there is a possibility and thrill of being caught." For example, if you park your car on the side of the road or in a public place, go towards an isolated area at dusk to avoid prospective observers, etc.

Book a hotel

Take a break from your hectic daily life. A neat hotel room with a beautifully made bed and a Do Not Disturbsign is enough to spark your romantic life. People become tired of doing the same thing every day; making a simple variation can improve your experience, refresh your mind, and enhance your bond with your partner.

Share naughty texts or notes

Sending nasty messages to your partner can turn you both on. Send a message revealing what you want to do to him or her once you meet them or share filthy pictures of yourself. If you two live together, put your desires in notes and stick them on the mirror or fridge where your partner can see, or you can hide them within their clothes pocket or accessories. Talk dirty, for instance, I'm wearing your favourite underwear today. I'm hoping you can assist me in removing them." "I am dying to see you tonight." "I have a new idea for tonight in bed."

Tell about your sexual fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies, but they may be too afraid or shy to share them with their partners. You have the option of igniting your sexual life by sharing your fantasies with each other and attempting to include those into your sex life to see whether both of you get aroused by it.

Go on weekly dates

Going on dates after marriage increases intimacy and heat in your relationship. Plan your dates to encounter new things and fresh environments for a lifetime of memories. Talk and express affection towards each other so that when you return home, you can have better sex. For example, go to a candlelight dinner, a movie, a picnic in the park or on the beach, a concert, or participate in adventurous activities.

Take a day off to follow your intuition!

Allow yourself a special day during the week to relax with your partner, away from work and all other responsibilities. On that day, wear only lingerie or go completely naked and spend time with each other, helping each other with everything, such as cooking, playing fun games, or having shower sex.

Set a romantic mood

Getting sexually aroused requires a sexy mood, because setting the mood for a sex is quite important. Give your bedroom some extra attention by adding some romantic lights, rose petals, a scented candle, aromas, opening the curtain to obtain a night view, romantic music, and a bottle of champagne.

Take part in foreplay

Foreplay is one of the best ways to get back into the sex life. Instead of going straight for intercourse, spend time snuggling, kissing, and stroking to create intimacy. Kiss on the neck, chest, and body as you gently undress each other. Even in everyday life, pinch their buts as you pass by, and when both of you are sitting together, give sensual touches.

Have a quickie intimation

Spontaneous sex is exciting, so take advantage of it whenever possible. You may be running late for work or simply bored during a meeting, so take advantage of the lunch hour break to enjoy some impromptu sex. If you can't take off your clothes completely, being partially nude is far more enjoyable.


Lingerie or underwear collection

Having an extensive lingerie collection is rather adventurous for your love life because it adds excitement for you, whenever you wear it, your lover finds it sexy on you. Surprise your partner when you meet them or wear your lingerie beneath your clothes to make them know you want to get playful later. Men can wear a variety of pants with sexy prints, colours, or quotes.

Change the location

It can get boring being frisky in the bedroom, so don't leave any place in your house, including the dining table, sofa, couch, bathroom, balcony, staircase and so on. You may also go out in the garden area while keeping your privacy in mind. This will make your sex life more exciting and thrilling.

Experiment with sex toys

Sex toys boost pleasure and provide new thrills. Get your partner's favourite sex toys, such as handcuffs, rope, blindfold, vibrator, and more. Use these toys to surprise them with new happiness and pleasure. According to Jenkins Hall, "it's a perfectly safe way to explore your boundaries for using different sex toys with your partner."

Role play

One of the most intriguing sexual fantasies has been role play. Choose a persona, dress up, and act out a sexy scenario that turns both of you on. You will notice a new sensation of intimacy for each other. For example, dress up as a Porn star wife, policeman and robber, maid and owner, secretary and boss, delivery boy and homeowner.

Incorporate food into romance

The act of making love while eating can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Experimenting with different food can give intimate encounters with your partner a new level of sensuality and pleasure. Have sex while preparing food, try applying chocolate syrup and whipped cream, to one another and then start licking it off. Using your partner's sensory organ, eat some grapes or strawberries, or feed each other.

Try new positions

Having sex with your partner in the traditional position (men on top of women) always is very boring. But why make it monotonous when there are so many alternatives available that provide you both a novel sex experience? Test out different sex positions at least once to determine which one works best for you and your partner. Try out different condoms along with lubrication gel to have a more pleasurable and delightful experience with your partner!

Perform in front of a mirror

Performing in front of a mirror provides an enhanced level of sex. For years, many men have fantasised about having sex while looking in the mirror. It might perk up your sexual life. While observing each other's body, expressions, and eyes in front of a mirror, you can try out various positions. In front of the mirror, you both exert more effort to make it more delightful when you see each other having fun.

Incorporate temperature or sensual play

An exciting way to elevate your intimate experiences is by incorporating temperature or sensory play into your lovemaking. Using feathers to gently caress and stimulate various parts of your partner's body, arousing their senses. Same way running an ice cube up and down your partner's skin and breathing warm or cool air onto your partner's neck and ears can produce contrasting sensations that can heighten pleasure and arousal. Janet Brito, PhD, an AASECT-certified sex therapist says, “Another way to spice up your sex life is to incorporate temperature play into the bedroom”.

Having Sex

Masturbate for one another

Masturbating each other is a pleasurable and intimate experience that can bring bliss to the table. It allows you to see how your partner enjoys it when you touch, speed up the movements, and create a profound sense of connection and vulnerability. This allows for greater understanding of each other's orgasms in the future.

Watch adult videos together

Watching adult videos together allows you to learn about new concepts while also becoming intimated with one another. Create fresh positions, methods, and ways to begin sexual intimation that can truly revitalise your sex life.

Play a sex-related game

This pastime gives your sex life a new depth. Games like dice, where you roll the dice and see what you have to do. For example, licking the nipple or giving her pleasure with your hands, sucking, kissing, and so on. Similarly, you can play fishbowl, in which you pick a chit from a bowl and then do whatever is printed on the chit you chose.

So, intimacy is a journey that requires your passion, effort, and awareness. Try these strategies in your relationship to enliven your sexual life without becoming bored or bitter.