Find out what works for you both

Even if you have a favourite sex position, it’s always fun to keep trying new things.

You might be stuck in a rut and looking to mix things up a bit, or even thinking about having sex for the first time and looking for a place to start.

Either way, finding your faves takes a bit of exploring. And whether you’re a long-time couple, or just starting out on your sexual journey together, here’s our list of the basic sex positions to get you going.


Face-to-face positions are a good place to start. The missionary sex position provides the best angle for great communication and eye contact.

This means you can better tell from your partner’s facial expressions what’s working for them and what isn’t. And if it’s your first time, and you’re feeling a bit anxious, you’ll be able to feedback on the speed and intensity every step of the way, which will help you feel more comfortable and in control.

You can also try interlocking your legs and rubbing your bodies together to vary the sensations, or raise your legs up to explore the angle or depth of penetration.

There’s a reason many couples list the good old missionary as one of their best sex positions. Try it yourself to find out why.

Sitting straddling

Another classic is the sometimes named Cowgirl sex position, where one of you straddles the other with knees facing forward and bent.

This position allows the one on top to control the speed, depth and angle of penetration, which sometimes helps them cum faster.

But don’t worry, the partner lying underneath has a great time too. They get to watch the show as their partner does all the work.

If you want to enjoy each other’s bodies, this is a great position. You might feel a stronger emotional connection too, as there’s lots of sexy eye contact.

If you’re lucky enough to be lying underneath a ‘cowgirl’, you can explore your partner’s body with your hands and also help them move up and down by supporting their hips.

This is a really intense position for both partners and well loved by many.

Sex from behind

Doggy style is when you enter your partner from behind as you’re both on your knees. This position normally allows for deeper penetration.

Doggy style is a winner for many reasons. It’s a free moving position which allows for plenty of opportunity to touch your partner. Plus both parties can control the depth and intensity of the thrusts. Lots of people say they are able to cum more easily with doggy style.

These basic sex positions are a good starting point for you and your partner to explore. Better still, they all give you the opportunity to introduce lubes and sex toys to add to the fun.

When you’re ready to take things up a gear, you might want to give some more advanced sex positions a go.

For more advice on the best sex positions to help you cum, visit the rest of our Explore Sex blog.