Whether you and your partner are enthusiastically working your way through the Karma Sutra or you tend to stick to the same tried and trusted favourites, there are some different sex positions that everyone might want to experience at least once.

Here are some of the classics and others that are a bit more imaginative and athletically demanding:

1. Doggy style

A great position for both partners, doggy style sex is popular for a very good reason. It’s also pretty simple: one partner goes down on all fours while the other penetrates them from behind.

You can both control the speed and depth with this position and, better still, it leaves hands free for a bit of manual stimulation. You can even throw a sex toy into the mix for an extra buzz.

2. The lapdance

Firstly, you need a chair. You can use any chair as long as it’s strong enough to support you both. If not, the session could end abruptly with splinters in all sorts of awkward places.

One partner sits on the chair while the other straddles them.

This position is fun naked, but it can be even sexier and feel more spontaneous if you both keep some of your clothes on.

This is a good position for the one on top because they control the angle, depth and speed of each movement.

But equally great for the one below who gets to sit back and enjoy. With their hands free to roam, there’s also plenty of opportunity for caressing their partner’s body and manual stimulation.

3. The standing quickie

This is called a quickie for a reason. Standing sex positions can be so energetic and exciting, they often lead to both partners cumming faster than normal, which makes them an ideal choice if you’re in a hurry.

Try standing against a wall for support and, if you’re particularly strong, you can try and wrap a leg or both round your partner’s waist. If you’re not, using a chair or something else also works to help you balance.

This is a popular position for spontaneous sex outside the bedroom and could be the perfect answer if you’re out and about or have a limited amount of space.

4. The bridge

A variation on the good old missionary position, and a natural for yoga enthusiasts. The Bridge sex position requires a little flexibility, but it’s definitely worth a try.

From the missionary position, the partner on top sits back on their ankles to allow their partner underneath to arch up with their feet flat on the floor and raise their hips towards the ceiling in a low bridge. This provides a perfect position for penetration.

The new angle of entry can create intense stimulation and has the added benefit of toning thighs and buttocks at the same time, saving you an exercise when you go to the gym!

5. Cowgirl

Cowgirl sex is another position where the one on top has more control over the action.

Your partner straddles you while facing forward with both knees bent at their sides. Some of the weight can be taken off by either leaning back slightly or leaning forward and using arms for support.

If you’re on top, you can help to delay your partner’s orgasm by slowing down the tempo and this can also increase the intensity of your own orgasm.

If you’ve mastered these, and are up for another challenge, here are some slightly more advanced sex positions you might want to add to your repertoire.