The exhilarating dance of a first date--new person, fluttering hearts, anxious laughing, and the chemical reaction in your body--reminds you of one question: "Should you have sex on the first date?" This is a question that everyone has when they first meet and like each other, or even when they have a one-time romance.

However, while opinions on this topic differ, there are several dos and don'ts that will help you make the best decision for a great first date night.


Open Communication: Before entering into intimate thoughts with each other, start with an honest chat to get to know each other better. Discuss prior lives, desires, each other's passions, and level of comfort. While speaking with the front person, you will learn about their expectations and their lives, which will assist to establish a safer and more fun future conversation in which you will know how to deal with them and their consent.

Create Strong Connection: Build a strong connection on the first date by engaging in deep conversations to learn each other's values, likes, and dislikes so that you both can experience a genuine connection or something that matches with each other, which will help both of you feel natural for the first intimate connection.

Romance in the kitchen

Build Sexual Chemistry: After a few discussions, dedicate some time to flirty conversation. Try to engage in a flirtatious manner, compliment him or her on their appearance, express your love for that person, and if you feel the person is loving it, go ahead and be naughtier; this will assist in developing sexual tension between both of you.

Create a Comfortable Environment: When you're together, the comfort of each other is quite important. If you're looking for an intimate connection, make the person feel the same way and at ease with you. Choose a safe and pleasant environment where both of you can feel cosy and comfortable opening up in front of a new person on the first date. You may also create a romantic environment in the room by using lights, music, and some fragrance.

Respect Individual Choices: You should respect each other's likes and dislikes in your partnership. If you want to have an intimate connection on your first date, you must both actively and joyfully agree on it. Even if you are both ready for an intimate connection, choose how to begin and what each of you want to do first. For example, if your partner prefers oral sex first, then vaginal, and finally anal, go with that even if you don’t prefer these. Without forming judgements about their personalities, you should prioritise each other for a joyful and trustworthy relationship in the future.

Safety First: Using protection is always the greatest thing for a safe and joyful sex activity, whether it is the first date sex or the hundredth time sex with your partner. So, if you're going on a first date, bring condoms with you, as this could be your first time having sex with someone you've never met before, and they will help you avoid STIs and other infections.


Rushing without the Connection: The emotional connection made on the first date is vital for the next step, whether it involves forming a relationship or establishing an intimate connection. So, if you get into an intimate relationship without first getting to know each other properly, you will create misunderstandings and potentially ruin your relationship on the first date.

Pressure and Expectations: Pressuring your partner into sex on the first date when he or she may not want to have sex at that moment might destroy the experience for both of you and damage your relationship. In a similar vein the expectation of sex, such as if you are a man and expect your partner to give you a blowjob that she may not like on the first date, or if you are a woman and expect your partner to give you vaginal oral sex that he does not like on the first date, can create an awkward atmosphere on the first date.

Ignoring Red Flags: If you disregard the red flags on your excitements, your first date can be intoxicating. So, if you see the front person's behaviour that is disrespectful, domineering, has some extra fantasises, crosses your limits, does not prioritise your comfort, and so on, you should leave before engaging in an intimate relationship.

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Neglecting Protection: When it comes to sex, safety is always paramount. If you see that your partner wants to have sex, or if you want to have sex without protection, you may end up in a dangerous scenario, such as contracting STIs or becoming pregnant. At the same time, your partner may not feel the same way about having sex without protection. Overall, it has the potential to ruin a dating night.

Don’t Have Sex Anywhere: If you're both excited to have sex, it doesn't have to be anywhere. Creating a romantic atmosphere and a comfortable environment in which to have your first date sex is one of the most memorable things you can do. Making the wrong selection to get intimate somewhere can result in a terrible atmosphere that you may not like or feel comfortable in.

Don’t be Too Flirty or Lustful: To establish love chemistry, flirting is necessary. However, if the flirting becomes too intense or you see that your partner is not loving it, this can be a warning sign. Also, if you are a boy, don't glance around for beautiful girls, and if you are a girl, don't look around for boys when you are currently with your partner. This appearance may indicate that something is amiss with your character, such as lust.

Finally, the decision to have sex on the first date is always based on mutual agreements. The most crucial aspects of being in a relationship are that you both be on the same page in terms of respecting each other, opening up about each other's likes, dislikes, desires, and comfort zone. If you want to have a fantastic first date sex encounter, then following the above dos and don'ts will help you get exactly what you're looking for in a healthy way.

Also, don't forget to take precautions before engaging in any form of personal relationship. Use condoms at the point of intimation for the safest and most enjoyable date sex encounter ever.