When it comes to the bedroom, women have a strong desire to create an amazing experience. Explore a bunch of sex tips for women that will make you quite confident and adventurous, resulting in mind-blowing pleasure for both you and your partner. Sex, like other talents, is an art form. The more you show interest, practise, and explore, the better you will get.

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or married, inventing new things, being confident and experienced always elevates your pleasure and leaves your partner craving more. So, instead of waiting for your partner to suggest trying something new, take the initiative and bring new delight and excitement into your life.

31 best sex tips for women

1. Spend Time on Kissing

Begin with a passionate kiss that links you to your partner. Continue kissing for at least 30 seconds, before engaging in the intercourse. Kissing, according to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, increases levels of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that increases desire in both men and women. "Try to trace your tongue on your partner's lips and bite softly on the lower lips," sexologist Carol Queen recommends.

2. Don't be Afraid of the Scrotum

When you softly suck, squeeze, or cup your partner’s scrotum, you can quickly reach climax with the man. When it comes to foreplay, apply Harwick's sex therapist technique: 'Start by wrapping your palm over both balls, then bring your fingertips together over them, as if scooping up a serviette from the floor.' Remember that this area of the male is delicate, therefore avoid biting or pinching.

3. Play with the Ears

If you've ever had goosebumps because someone murmured in your ear or lightly touched your ear, you're not alone.  Our ears include many nerves that produce an extra pleasant sensation when stimulated by sound and touch, receiving sound or touch from a loved one has a significant influence. Stella Anna Sonnenbaum, a somatic sex coach, proposes "blowing lightly over their ears' for an ultra-intimate reaction, which is yet another useful sex tip for women indulging in sexual intimacy.

4. Play with the Neck

According to a study published in the journal Ergonomics, the neck enjoys small motions and vibration. When you place your fingers on their neck and move them slowly, it increases their sensitivity, and you may do the same with your lips on their neck. If you kiss, lick, or hum on the neck, you will notice that your partner's sensation level rapidly increasing.

5. Do Not Ignore the Penis

Most men enjoy it when their partner plays with their penis in various ways, such as sucking, moving up and down with a grip, or simply kissing. The erectile tissues are deep beneath the skin's surface and start signalling for amorous times when you move or play with it. Make sure you understand your partner's grip and movement preferences; some love quick motions, while others prefer a firm grasp; play accordingly.

6. Nipple Licking

Men polled for a study published in the journal Cortex admitted that the nipples are one of their favourite hot zones. Carol Queen, a sexologist, proposes sucking on one while caressing their penis with your hand. 'Combining the two erogenous zones can be highly enjoyable’.

7. Explore Your Body

Spend some time exploring your own body in front of your partner. Discover what makes you happy and discover how to please yourself. The more you understand about your own enjoyment, the more you will be able to guide your partner. It has been observed that after a naked body of women, the men naturally warm up and get into the mood for a perfect round of intercourse.


8. Experiment with New Positions

Don't let life get boring. Variety is the spice of life, especially in the bedroom. Give your partner a new role and teach him how to perform it. Another proven sex tip for women is to experiment with several easy sex positions; if one doesn't work, try another to find what works best for you and your partner. Along with your satisfaction, ask your partner which one he preferred. Don't be scared to get creative and have fun!

9. Oral Delights

Oral sex is one of the most important steps before having intercourse. Every couple enjoys oral sex, which is regarded as one of the most enjoyable aspects of sex for both partners. Take turns delighting each other, try out new ways, and don't be hesitant to express how you feel.

10. Explore with Dirty Talk

When your partner is far away or right next you, talking naughty creates a fresh sensation in your body. Make a unique way for you and your partner to get into a romantic mood even if your partner is far away. There is also the possibility of drawing inspiration from you or your partner's sexual dreams.

'Erotica and pornography are fantastic sources of inspiration for dirty talking examples to figure out what kind of dirty talking arouses you,' says Silva Neves, an Accredited Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapist.

11. Give a Sensual Massage

Surprise your partner with this sensual massage performed by you. Create a nice atmosphere for relaxation and intimacy by using warm oil, calm music, and a dimly lit room with aroma.

12. Use Sex Toys

For a change, you add an intriguing depth to your bedroom activities by using various sex toys. Investigate vibrators, dildos, and other toys that tickle your curiosity.

13. Masturbation

According to experts, controlling your personal pleasure first can improve your sex life, with someone else. There are numerous advantages of masturbation, including stress reduction, improved sleep, anti-aging, a healthier appetite, increased libido, improved bladder control, and, most importantly, increased sexual confidence.

14. Naughty Video Calls

It not only works for long-distance relationships, but also when your partner is at work or elsewhere. If you want to keep the flame of sexual connection alive, simply make a video conference. It encourages your partner to think about you till he meets you and raises the amount of intimacy.

15. Sending Naughty Messages

When it comes to sex, men can be extremely imaginative. Play with your partner's mind. Send them a few sensual messages and express your desire for him. This sex trick for women will keep them thinking about you throughout the day.

16. Wear a Sexy Dress

Though being naked is the most effective approach to entice a partner, wearing seductive, short dress or elegant lingerie will excite your partner's senses and make sex even more enjoyable for both of you.

17. Explore with Roleplaying


This is another well-known method for driving a man insane. You take control of the bed by considering your partner's preferences and going with them. This improves your sexual experiences with your partner.

18. Read Sex Books

If you really want to improve your sex life, read sexy books when you are in bed with your partner and both of you can read and understand; it will transport both of you to a realm of fantasy with sultry thoughts, and at the end, both of you will strive to do the same.

19. Watch Sexy Videos Together

Watching such videos with your partner causes both of you to quit watching and start doing in real life. It will also assist you in learning some new moves that you may have never tried before. At the same time, even if you obtain such videos and your partner is far away, you can still share and keep the bonding going and imagine how it would be if both of you were together at that time.

20. Perform in Front of a Mirror

Most men have fantasised about having sex in front of the mirror for years. It can spice up your sex life. You can experiment with different sex positions in front of a mirror while looking at each other's eyes or bodies. When men see women enjoying sex, they make an extra effort.

21. Masturbate for Each Other!

While it sounds like masturbating for each other rather than engaging in intercourse while both of you are present is wrong, it does provide a new sensation between you and your partner. You don't have to be in an orgasmic state to begin but caressing each other's erogenous zones while kissing or simply staring at your partner and seeing how he enjoys your touch can bring ecstasy to the table.

22. Send Sexy Photos

Nothing beats a stunning photo of you to arouse your man's sexual urges. Surprise him by sending him a hot and sensual image when he least expects it and watch him drool when he returns to you.

23. Try BDSM

Is your partner looking to go on an adventure? Then try BDSM, being careful to start with the easiest and then go to the hardest if you and your partner prefer.

24. Experiment with a Remote-Control Vibrator

Purchase a remote-control vibrator and delegate control to your partner. Allow him to observe how much pleasure you are experiencing and making sounds as he increases the speed, which will make him wonder about your pleasure and how much you can handle.

25. Make Him Wait

We all know, waiting increases your enthusiasm and increases your enjoyment once you receive it. Build sexual tension in your partner in the same way. Allow him to wait for intercourse and leave him longing for you.

26. Change the Location

Sometimes you get tired of the same bedroom, mattress, or ambience, and your partner feels the same way. To pique your interest, go out for a one-night stay, book hotels, and experiment with different areas for intercourse such as a swimming pool, shower, beneath the stars, open space, and so on.

Shower Sex

27. Encourage your Partner Stand for a Long Time

Use Durex Performa Condoms with Performa lubrication to help postpone his climax, keep him excited, and have sex last longer with comfort, so there's no distraction when you're getting it on. So, wherever you are and with whomever you are, discover your best fit and experience the pleasure of safe and authentic sex with Durex. Allow your partner to be shocked when he realises how long he can stand.

28. Skin-On-Skin Feeling

Give yourself and your partner a new sensation with the Durex Real Feel condom, which contains a technologically innovative latex-free material and a all-natural feel. Increase your and your partner's pleasure by combining closeness, sensitivity, and connectivity.

Enjoy a skin-like sensation with soft latex material that will not allow anything to come between you and your companion. Furthermore, the condoms contain a pleasing odour, allowing you to avoid unpleasant distractions and enjoy your time with them.

29. Discover Different Textures

The same texture can bore you and your partner, whether you use a condom or not. Experiment with different condoms, such as Durex Real Feel or Durex Performa, to increase you and your partner's pleasure.

30. Incorporate Sensory Play

Since ancient times, this has been recognised as one of the most inventive ways to get intimate with a partner. Use blindfolds, feathers, or ice to activate your partner's senses.

31. Continue to Moan Loudly

When a man hears a woman moaning, he knows she is happy and seeks to offer her more pleasure. So don't hide your moaning voice and let your partner know what gives you the most pleasure and what doesn't.

As a result, following these 30+ sex tips for women, and using Durex Real Feel and Durex Performa condoms you can unlock new levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Remember that consent, respect, and a mutual desire to explore and please one another are the most crucial aspects of any sexual interaction. So go forth, embrace your inner goddess, and enjoy the incredible moments that await you.