How to Have Sex - What Not to do

The Top 5 things to Not to do before having Sex

How to Have Sex - What Not to do

How to Have Sex - What Not to do

How to have sex is a question that many ask, sex is a topic most like to indulge in whether it’s in the lounge with your boys or with your girlfriends during movie night. The conversations are normally too spicy to ignore, so here we plan to satisfy that urge in an unconventional way. Let’s talk about what not to do before sex so that you don’t ruin that first encounter with that girl you worked so hard to get in the sack.

Or with that guy who you have been waiting anxiously for to jump your guns? In the bedroom, first impressions count and everybody knows that. So here is a list of no no’s to watch out for that will help you not lose that major account.

1. Don’t be too shy. This problem is fairly easy to overcome with the right mind set, stop worrying about how to have sex and just have it. If you fail to make the move it’s never going to happen. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and hope for the best. We can guess that that’s where the term “get lucky” came from because that’s all it takes. Sometimes it works out for you and sometimes it doesn’t. The secret is just taking the chance. If you stress yourself out too much you could be setting yourself up for failure psychologically, which can have adverse effects on your sex drive.

2. Don’t eat like a slob. Dinner is social event which may lay out the landscape for an opportunity to charm the pants of your potential partner. Even if this situation presents plenty of opportunity to have the night end well or it could just be the beginning of the end for some. Displaying traits of etiquette is part of the courting process as most find it charming. Shovelling food down like an animal can convey message of lack of manners and hygiene which will more than likely cause an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere that pretty much ruins your chances.

3. Stay away from odour causing foods Before the sex begins, you are more than likely to test drive each other by kissing, getting up close and being intimate. Eating foods which are odour-causing such as chillies or garlic may create an invisible barrier between you and your potential partner. The odour can remain for lengthy periods of time after the food has been swallowed, which can put off partners. You can’t have sex if the person is trying to get away from you.

4. Don’t get drunk This one is mainly for the gentlemen out there who go a little bit too hard on the bottle. Drinking too much and getting drunk might seem like the right thing to do to gain that confidence you desire to not worry about how to have sex. Without scaring her off with your drunken behaviour you still might run into a “little” problem. Drinking too much alcohol can have adverse effects on your sexual performance such as not being able to achieve a full erection.

5. Don’t forget to use a condom If you not always prepared to get lucky, then you don’t deserve to get lucky when the chance presents itself. The first thing to know when to comes to how to have sex is always be prepared, always carry a condom. This goes for both the ladies and men. We live in an age where sexually transmitted diseases are a serious risk. So don’t let all that hard work you put in get sullied by a lapse of memory. Also if you don’t want little surprises at the end of nine months make sure you are always packing a condom in your wallet, because that is the best way to seal the deal safely and responsibly. Browse our range of condoms here.

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