Sex Positions

Try these fun sex positions!

Sex positions - are you just getting tired of the same positions?  Is the romance between your partner and you slowing down? Are things not as spicy as they use to be? Maybe you just feel like you need a change, whether it’s a change of positions or a change of scenery? We have the perfect change for you!

Most people are under the impression that trying new sex positions are just as exciting as when you are going through that honeymoon period. This is not true; positions have the power to add that extra spark or to rekindle that long lost flame that seems to be slowly burning out. These positions don’t require you to be an acrobat or someone who is wildly adventurous, but these are positions that anyone can try.

These sex positions can be saved for a special night, a special occasion or just a normal night in with your partner. All the positions below have full explanations as well as a difficulty rating and a sultry sexy rating. All of these positions are worth knowing and worth giving a go, and are guaranteed to spice up your sex life and bedroom romance.

So clear your schedule, and stock up on the water because you're going to be very active. 

The Clitty Cowboy sex position

This sex position is great if you want to be spontaneous with your partner. When experimenting, the best place to start is sideways. How this position works is quite simple. All there is to it, is that the male partner has to be lying down on his back with his knees slightly bent and legs spread wide apart. The female then slots herself in at an angle in the middle of his body until he penetrates the female. The best way to do so is if the female rests her on hands on his chest and the other on his thigh. Now comes the fun part - she needs to rock back and forth until you both find the spot- enjoy!

Challenge Rating:

In terms of difficulty this position is pretty easy and gets a 2/ 5 while the sultry rating is a good 3/5.

The Clamp sex position

The best way to act out this position is if the female relaxes on her back and draws her knees into her chest, hold tight and hold them together for maximum tightness. The partner should kneel, facing the female of course. A bonus; this position forces the partner to thrust at a slower pace, so he'll last way longer.

Challenge Rating:

In terms of difficulty, this position is very easy and very pleasurable. It gets a 2/5 and the sultry rating is 4/5- Do not forget about this one ladies, your man will kiss your feet after its done!

The Neck Hugger sex position

This is standard missionary - with a lift. The female needs to wrap her legs so that her feet hug around his neck or press into his chest. The male partner will feel even deeper penetration, and the added stability will put the female at the ideal angle for the male to hit your G-spot and last for a long period of time.

Challenge Rating:

This sex position is very pleasurable and steamy if done correctly. The difficulty rating is about a 3/5, so make sure not to strangle your partner with your feet. And the sultry rating is a 3/5 as well.

The Reverse Leap sex position

The male needs to lie on his back with his legs parted, while the female needs to sit onto his lap so that he can penetrate her, as she leans back with her legs bent close to her body. The female is in complete control of this position which leaves the man feeling even more aroused and increasingly arousing for her.

Challenge Rating:

The difficulty rating of this position is a 1/5 and the sultry rating here is a 5/5 as the penetration for the male is tight and it hits maximum arousal for the female. It is a must try if the male is feeling stressed and tired - girl power!

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Remember sex is fun, not to mention healthy! Try new sex positions; trust me it will not be a onetime thing! Love sex. Durex.