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Easy sex positions

There is a long list of sex positions to try, which can all affect your body differently each time. While having sex doing your favourite sex positions is fun, you're more likely to find what really hits the spot if you experiment a little and try as many new sex positions as you can. These sex positions are all easy to try and each have their own perks.

Raised Missionary sex position

The Missionary sex positions all involve the woman lying on her back while the man lies on top of her, resting his weight on his arms. Raised missionary adds one simple twist: the woman puts a pillow under her bum. This changes the angle of entry, making it easier for him to hit the G-spot. It will also make a man feel bigger - so best avoided if you find deep sex uncomfortable, but ideal if you want to make the most of a man this is definitely one of the best sex positions for you.

Doggie Style sex position

Often topping surveys as one of men's favourite sex positions, the woman kneels on all fours and the man kneels behind her. Some women find doggie a bit impersonal. If so, putting a mirror in front of her so she can look in your eyes can help it feel more intimate. Doggie offers deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. It's also easy for the man to stroke the woman's breasts and kiss her neck; and for the woman to touch herself or use a toy during sex too.

Cowgirl sex position

The perfect first time sex position of all the sex positions, Cowgirl is another name for sex with the man on his back and woman on top, straddling him. This lets her set the pace, and also means she can lean forwards to get easy clitoral stimulation. The man gets a great view, and has easy access to stroke her body all over.

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The man gets a great view, and has easy access to stroke her body all over.