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The History of sex toys

Sex toys in one form or another have arguably been around for 1,000's of years. Whether they were used as fashion accessories, for home decor, worship, or just fun times, sex toys are a part of human history.

Below are the strange stories of the origins of 6 popular sex toys that are still used today.

Blow up doll sex toys

Substitutes for women have been recorded as far back as the 17C century. French sailors would have a collection of rags shaped very vaguely as a curvy woman for those lonely nights they were feeling homesick. In 1904, the rubber more familiar model was developed.  Thereafter inflatable versions of these sexy toys soon followed. Less than four years later, mass-produced versions could replicate ejaculation and were for sale in Parisian catalogues. 

Butt plugs sex toys

This sex toy was developed in 1892 and called the ‘Rectal Dilator’. At first this invention was created to cure piles. Due to the very suggestive instruction booklet that came with the device, the medical intentions of the devices changed very quickly. For 40 years butt plugs were sold across the US, before being banned for false advertising in 1938 due to the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

Vibrator sex toys

The Victorian era was a diverse time. Britain was ruling most of the world, anything that was near to what we classify as electronic was steam-powered, and doctors treated hysterical women with masturbation.

This treatment involved a qualified medical professional who would rub the patient’s private parts until orgasm was achieved. Because of this illogical practice, George Taylor invented the first steam- powered vibrator. As imagined this did not catch on so the market was still open for other vibrator inventions. In 1880 J.Granville invented an electrochemical design. The device become highly demanded by housewives, and accepted by society as a massager that was used for medical purposes. This craze soon was forced to die down, when men started to realise that their wives had acquired naughty habits.

Penis/cock ring sex toys

Ancient Chinese success was not as easy as it may seem, not only because of the Mongol invaders but mostly because of the expectations they had to fulfil in the bedroom. Wives and mistresses combined had to be pleased on a regular basis. The main reason behind this was due to the urgent need to produce an heir, which became quite a stressful task. As we are all well aware with stress comes the difficulty to perform. And so the penis ring was created.

They made cock rings out of goat’s eyelids, which helped the man wearing the device to last longer in the bedroom.

Geisha ball sex toys

The origins of Geisha Balls are uncertain all we know is that they appeared in the Oriental region. This sex toy was originally made for and used by men. It was not long after when women caught on to pleasure benefits of the device during sex and for self-pleasure.

Dildo sex toys

The dildo may well be humanity’s most resilient sexy toy invention.  The only thing that seems to have been around longer then this wide-used sex toy is fire. The first known dildo recovered by paleontologists dates back to the Paleolithic era. Made of siltstone and polished to a high gloss, the debate rages on about whether its primary purpose was for religious ritual or personal pleasure. Ancient Chinese men were also thought to provide their wives with penis substitutes. Ancient Chinese dildos that have been discovered were cast of bronze and other metals. These days, dildos are available in every variation imaginable, for every taste and experience level.

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