Contraception and the best method for you

Choosing best contraceptive method for you

Contraception attempts to stop this process by preventing the sperm cell from reaching the egg cell. When a sperm cell penetrates an egg cell that is when a women falls pregnant. Picking the correct form of contraception for you is an important part of your sexually active lifestyle. There is a lot of information out there, but at the end of the day it is up to you to decide what works best for you. It can be a very overwhelming experience at first, but it becomes easier once you are aware of all the options out there. Your health and circumstances play a big role in deciding what Form of contraception you should use. One thing you should remember is that the only way you can protect yourself from sexually-transmitted infections is by using a condom. With that being said, condoms are not the only way to prevent pregnancy.

Contraceptive methods

Most forms of contraception are effective if they are used in the correct manner. When contraceptives fail, it is mainly due to incorrect use of the device, method or medication. Methods that are almost always fail-proof are those that are easy to use, such as IUDs and injection methods. What makes these methods almost always fail-proof is because they need to be done by a professional medical practitioner and these methods are long-term. Other methods such as condoms or birth control pills are only seen as less effective because people sometimes misuse these products. Condoms need to be applied correctly before penetration and the birth control pill needs to be taken every day by the female.

If one is to forgets to use contraceptive methods or if the method fails, there is a post-sex contraceptive method. This method reduces the risk of pregnancy but needs to be take 48 hours after being sexually active. This method is known as the emergency contraceptive and should only be used in emergencies and not as a standard method of contraception.

Choosing the right contraceptive method for me. As mentioned previously, deciding what contraceptive pill to use can be a challenging task, especially because there is a vast amount of options out there. The best method is one that you know how to use and will continually use as long as you are sexually active. This method needs to be acceptable to both to you and your partner and should not cause side-effects to any of you. Other factors that you should consider is the effectiveness of the method you have chosen. How convenient is it for you, and will you be able to get it when you need it?

Remember to use it. Know how to use the method of contraception you have chosen and if you have to take it every day. A thing to consider is the side-effects of the method you have chosen and if the method is reversible. A big thing to also consider is the costs associated with the method you might choose, is it affordable and will you be able to continue with the costs in the long term. If you smoke and you are 35 years and over, you need to discontinue using contraceptive pills as this comes with many risks.

Finally, if you have given birth previously, IUCDS are the best form of contraceptives, as hormonal forms of contraceptives can affect the quality of your breast milk. One thing to remember is that you can fall pregnant almost immediately after you have given birth so you still need to use forms of contraception. No method of birth control is perfect. You must balance the advantages and disadvantages of each method and then choose the method that you will be able to use consistently and correctly.

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