Explore how condoms can enhance your sex

Condoms - people often think that condoms dull the pleasure of sexual intercourse. However, this is not the case, as condoms in many instances increase the amount of pleasure during sexual intercourse. So one just has to be open minded and do some experimenting - you never know how it may spice up your sex life.

There are a variety of different condoms to choose from in order to make it pleasurable for yourself as well as your partner. It is a good idea to chat with your partner about spicing up the between-the-sheets action, as he or she may give you the thumbs down and feel uncomfortable if the “extras” come as such a surprise. Today, condoms should be used every time sexual intercourse commences, which is why condoms now are so interesting and not such a ‘hush hush’ concept. Condoms prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well as acting as a contraceptive. Condoms are the safe road to travel on, so some say.

Many people do not use condoms because they believe that it does not feel “real.” This perception is not quite correct as condoms are very pleasurable (and safe of course), especially to your partner due to the fact that condoms now have a variety of pleasurable aspects such like ribbed, studded, and textured condoms which are intended to heighten sexual pleasure.

Durex’s new Real Feel condoms mimic the sensation of not wearing a condom during sex. This is the result of making these condoms out of a revolutionary non-latex material. These condoms are more flexible and softer than our latex condoms. Some condoms have these “extras” include a ‘dotted’ and ‘ribbed’ finish others have them covering the exterior for additional stimulation, such as the Durex Pleasuremax. Other condoms, like the Durex Pleasuremax Tingling provided a tingling sensation durex sex. Other condoms even engage with more of your senses, like the Durex Select flavoured condoms. A major benefit may be that some condoms, like Durex Performa condoms contain a chemical, which is designed to reduce the chance of premature ejaculation. Condoms now are shaped or moulded, or can have a baggier tip, mainly to increase the penis’s comfort, and confidence. For some people, using these “extras” during intercourse does increase the pleasure.

Each individual is turned on by different sensations or thoughts, and so test a variety of different condoms in order to find one or more than one that feels good, comfortable, and satisfies you and your partner. This can be helpful, and a lot of fun, too.

How to choose the right condom

First, you should be open-minded about the variety of different condoms out there. It may seem difficult to keep track of all the brands and what they offer, so experimenting will only 

Textures: 'studded' / 'dotted', 'ribbed' condoms may be to the liking of you and your partner. There are some who prefer the 'traditional' condoms,  thicker condoms (for extra safety like Durex Extra Safe) and other types of condoms. Others say the textures increase the pleasure - this again is personal preference. 

Flavours: condoms that are flavoured are said to increase the excitement of sex. Apple, orange, banana and strawberry are some of the flavours from which you can choose.

Performance: pre-mature ejaculation can be a issue for many men. This is where a performance-oriented condom will help improve your sex life.

It is beneficial to experiment with the different condoms in order to find what you and your partner find desirable. Condoms are an exciting way to spice up your love life because they have a variety of “extras” that are safe and fun.  Condoms are the safest if you do not want a little mini-you running around the house. They prevent diseases and increase the pleasure, and leave one with anticipation and excitement for something different the next time round. Make sure you always have condoms on you just in case - they will always be put to good use, and you will surely be remembered.

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