Amazing Sex Positions

The top 5 strangest (yet amazing) sex positions

Sex positions such as Doggy-style and Missionary: two of the best loved and most used sex positions the world over; and yet, many couples are complaining of boredom in the bedroom. Are you one of these people? Luckily, there are many ways to spice things up in your love life; from using some sensual sex toys, to getting your taste buds involved with some delicious tasting props. Perhaps the easiest way to get things going in the bedroom again is to add some variety in terms of sex positions – it costs you nothing, and nobody else even needs to know a thing. If you feel excitement might currently be slightly lacking in your bedroom, try one of these weird yet wonderful sex positions that is sure to inject some pleasure back into your sex life.

  1. The Butter Churner: This move involves a certain level of flexibility, and you might need to take it slow or maybe just a bit softer to ensure that nobody gets hurt – but we promise it’s worth it if done right! As the woman lies on the bed (or the ground, which might be easier), the man lifts up her abdomen, while she leans back on her shoulders and neck as he stands over her. This creates a better angle for entry and will help your man find your G-spot with ease. Careful not to go too hard or fast when thrusting so as to avoid any injuries. We did say it would be worth it though, didn’t we?  You can thank us for that sensational orgasm later.

  2. The Pretzel: We know pretzels don’t necessarily scream “sex appeal”, but don’t worry – we aren’t planning on using them as a type of foreplay! Instead, it’s what looks like a complicated position, but is actually pretty simple! It offers a different angle of penetration, creating an altogether different sensation. As the woman lies on her back, and the man kneels over her to penetrate her, she wraps one leg around his waist, while the other rests below his butt, putting her somewhat on her side. The side angle is an interesting new way to experience an amazing orgasm.

  3. The Standing Wheelbarrow: Think of this as doggy-style with an oh-so-worth-it twist. Be warned though, this is not for the faint-hearted, or for over-eager beginners! The difference between this position and normal doggy style is mainly that the woman actually starts off in a downward-dog yoga position, as the man grabs a hold from behind. Once he has a firm grip, she can go ahead and wrap her legs around his waist. This position promises deep penetration and an experience you are unlikely to soon forget!

  4. The Waterfall: This position is a variation of the standard cowgirl or “girl-on-top” position, except this time the man needs to lie with the upper half of his body off the edge of the bed while she rides him from the top. Both of you will feel amazing sensation in this position, and you can both enjoy the view from your own angle. Again, careful that you don’t go too hard or fast as this could put strain on the man’s neck. If done properly though, this position will definitely be worth the try!

  5. Zero-Gravity: A position that defies gravity, this position promises extra deep penetration. As the woman leans back on a chair, with her head hanging back off the edge, the man lifts her pelvis up as he stands in front of her. This position requires a certain level of balance, but will definitely pay off in the pleasure department.

So, if you are feeling a little bored, or even just adventurous for a change, give one of these positions a try! We can’t promise that it will be easy the first time around, but practice makes perfect, and it definitely pays off. Try these over the span of a couple days or weeks, and we promise it will breathe new life into your sex life. For more tips and tricks on making the best out of your time in the bedroom, browse our other articles here