A Good Condom Means Great Sex

Male condoms have a 98% effectiveness rate.

Condoms are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some choose not to use them because they don’t like the way they feel. Some choose not to use condoms without even trying them, they just don’t like what they hear about them.

In this article, we bust popular myths about condoms and explain how using a condom can lead to great sex, whilst still being safe.

The Myth: Condoms are not safe

The Fact: Condoms can generally be seen as a very safe method of contraception. Male condoms have a 98% effectiveness rate if used correctly.[1] Female condoms, on the other hand, have a 90% effectiveness rate with correct and consistent use.[2][3] Indeed, condoms protect against not only pregnancy, but STIs too. It is important to check the date on the packet though, because, as like some types of food, condoms do have a use by date.[4]

The Myth: Condoms break easily

The Fact: Condoms do not break easily if used properly. Firstly, you should check the expiration date on the condom. After that, and when the penis is hard, carefully take out the condom from its packet. You should pay attention that it doesn’t tear from coming into contact from anything sharp, such as nails, jewellery or teeth.

Ensure you are putting the condom on correctly by following the instructions on the condom pack.


The Myth: Putting a condom on isn’t sexy

The Fact: Now you know how to put on a condom on and you’re assured that it shouldn’t break, you may still be put off by the seemingly mechanical, unsexy procedure of putting it on. But it can be made sexy and be incorporated into the foreplay before the sex starts.

Engaging in dirty talk with each other whilst it’s taking place can also be a great way of keeping the excitement going. Don’t feel under pressure to do anything you don’t want to though. Let the spontaneity get the better of you and you’ll soon be both on the path to sexual ecstasy.

The Myth: We’re just having oral sex, so a condom is not necessary

The Fact: It doesn’t matter if you’re just partaking in oral sex, a condom should still be used.  A range of STIs can be transmitted from person to person through oral sex, including gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and herpes.[5] You could make it a fruity affair, by applying some lube and / or using a flavoured condom. Some lubes are consumable and come in a variety of fruity flavours, such as the Durex cherry.

Now you know the facts, don’t let untruths about condoms be the reason you aren’t having safe sex. If you want to avoid pregnancy and a range of STI’s, a condom is the best protection – and the only contraception which protects you from both.