10 Fun Places to have Sex outside of the Bedroom

A great sex life involves lots of variety and trying new things. When it comes to location, being outside the bedroom can often make things more exciting, while adding a new dimension to the positions you choose. Here we look at 10 top places that you could choose for your next passionate encounter - and don't worry, you don't have to be a complete daredevil to try these out, we have selected some places that are still discreet.


In the bathroom

From the edge of the sink to the side of the bath, the bathroom is full of nifty places to push back on when you and your partner next get the urge. The shower also makes for a sensual experience - all that running water, shower oil and plenty of hooks and ledges to grab hold of - great for those couples who enjoy sex standing up.


In the kitchen

The kitchen table romp is a favourite in many films on the big screen, but why not re-enact it for yourself at home. Either choose a position where she is sat on the edge of the table with him standing in front of her, or if the table is sturdy then both climb aboard for some missionary action! You will never look at each other the same over dinner ever again!


In the utility room

Washing machines and tumble dryers provide an excellent accessory for sex. The woman should sit on top of the machine, ensuring it is switched on to the max setting. She can enjoy the sensations as her partner thrusts into her from in-front, whilst at the same time experiencing a heightened sensation caused by the vibrations of the washing machine.


In the car

Next time you and your partner are on a road trip, take yourself back to those naughty teenage years, and stop the car on a quiet country road with minimum traffic. Push back the front seats and climb on top of your partner in the driving seat for some sitting down sex, or both climb over into the back seats where there will be more room to try out different positions.


In a lift

The perfect place for the ultimate quickie - and we're talking pretty quick here! The best lift to try this in is one in an office block or car park lift, either early morning or later in the evening when less people are around. Hit the emergency stop button when you are in between floors, which will buy you a few minutes to do the deed before the lift starts again, or before the fire brigade comes to rescue you out!


In a tent

Camping is like marmite - people either love it or hate it. However, one way to make it way more interesting is to spice things up in the tent with your partner. Snuggle up in between the sleeping bags and get intimate with the sounds of nature all around you. Create more adventure to your night by adding a sex toy, and create some magical memories.


In the sea

The great thing about having sex in the sea is that you can be on a crowded beach and because of the darkness of the water, no-one will even know what you are up to. Slip your bikini to one side and begin the fun - all people around you will see is your top half so they will have no idea what is going on below sea level!


On a boat

The silence of the waters and the movement of the waves can be pretty big turn ons, so next time you take a boat trip, make sure to get all aboard you partner and make the most of the ride. Regardless of whether you are on a ferry, a private yacht or a rubber dinghy, the experience is sure to give you both a thrill as you explore each other’s oceans.


In the forest

Turn a country walk into an outdoor sex session, guaranteeing big thrills for you both. Choose a vast woodland or forest with lots of greenery, where you can take shelter to strip off and get down to business. Cut-off tree stumps are a great height for doggie style sex, or pick a sturdy tree for some standing up fun.


In a changing room

Best performed in a large high street store with multiple changing rooms, wait until the attendant has left her post and sneak your partner in with you. Choose a cubicle towards the back of the store and make the most of the background music, whilst you lose yourselves in the throes of passion. After you are done, leave the changing room separately so one partner can distract the store advisor, whilst the other one makes a discreet exit!