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Play Ultra

The Play Ultra cock ring provides 40 minutes of quivering pleasure.

Play Ultra pleasure / cock ring is a sex toy that provides up to 40 minutes of pulsating pleasure for you and your partner to enjoy.

Try different ways of wearing it. For example, use it with the power pod at the top of the penis for invigorating, sizzling stimulation for her with the added vibrating contact or use it underneath the penis for thrilling sensations for him.

To get the most out of sex with Play Ultra, take time to enjoy foreplay.  Relax, massage, and touch one another wherever it feels good. Have better sex, the sex you have always wanted.

Then, when you are really ready for sex, use our Play Ultra sex toy and enjoy!

Play Ultra is reusable, easy to switch on and off and is useable even without a condom. When you're using a condom be sure to put that on first and take care not to damage the condom when you put the ring on.

Our Play Ultra pleasure ring sex toy creates a pulsating, sensational sexual ecstasy for you and your partner. Explore the other sex toys, lubes and massage gels we offer to further spice up your bedroom time. 

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