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Play Touch

Sex toys for sensational sexual pleasure at your finger tips

The Play Touch sex toy finger vibrator provides up to 40 minutes of soft, sensual pleasure.

Through light stroking on your erogenous areas, the soft and flexible material of the sex toy will give you sensational, stimulation, encouraging you to go even further. Experiment with what best turns you on.

For the maximum pleasure, this sex toy offers you the choice to apply the vibrator as hard or soft as you desire. It's guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Play Touch is whisper quiet, waterproof and reusable. This sex toy can add that extra level of sensual pleasure that you may have been looking for all along and with the help of a few new sex positions, you can’t go wrong

Incorporating sex toys with sex postions

Sex positions are always a fun place to start, try out a few new sex positions with your new sex toy and see where that takes you. The combination is sure to please both you and your partner. Try mixing things up a bit, we all know that as a couple you have your favourite three sex positions, get out of that comfort zone and try more.

We are always being told that we could be having better sex and better orgasms. Well here is the solution, try these top vibrator sex positions.

These sex positions don’t have to be complicated. Misionary is one of the best sex postions you could try when incorporating sex toys in the bedroom.  Holding the sex toy against your woman’s sweet spot is a whole lot easier when your bodies are tightly pressed against each other. Doggie style is another sex position that is highly compatible with sex toys. Swing the cock ring around and you will definitely be hitting that sweet spot. The cowgirl is another that will work really well with sex toys, this is garenteed to spice things up. Any sex postion can work with a sex toy, you just have to try and experiement a bit.


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Our Play Touch sex toy puts sensual and sensational sexual pleasure at your finger tips. Spice things up further with our range of lubes and massage gels. Love Sex. Durex.



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